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The angular velocity sensor is designed to measure the angular velocity of an object. It can be used in systems operating at high overloads. The sensitive element in the device is a metal beam suspended from elastic membranes in the body of the device. The excitation of oscillations of the beam and the acquisition of information about its motion are carried out with the help of piezoelements. The output signal of the device is a DC voltage proportional to the measured speed.

A feature of the device presented is the use of new principles for processing information on beam oscillations and a special mechanism for damping mechanical shocks. All this allows many times to improve the stability of characteristics when impact, temperature and time in comparison with existing analogues of foreign firms. The above characteristics of the device, depending on the requirements of the customer, can be adjusted within a fairly wide range. For example, it is possible to use unipolar power supply from 5V and higher, except for analogue it is possible to output the signal in the form of a digital code, and also the overall dimensions of the device can be reduced by more than three times compared to the presented one (with a slight change in the main characteristics).


GPB-2 has a number of important advantages compared to similar products of its class of Russian and foreign companies, such as small weight and size parameters, high reliability, low cost and ease of use. This allows GPB-2 to be used in such areas of technology as automotive electronics, photo and video equipment and robotics.


MP-1 is a three-axis gyroscope consisting of three angular velocity sensors that convert the speed of rotation along the X, Y, Z axes into an analog signal with high accuracy. The stability of the parameters in time and in the temperature range from -60 ° to + 85 ° С, as well as resistance to shock, vibration, high humidity and radiation, allows the use of MP-1 in such fields of science and technology as robotics, measuring instruments, avionics, automotive industry, navigation systems, etc.


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