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Composite material with the 1-3 connectivity is typically a two-phase system of parallel polarized piezoceramic rods having square or circular cross section and placed in the organic (not piezo ceramic) epoxy resin matrix. 1-3 connectivity composites differ from the monolithic (non-porous) ceramics by high anisotropy of some piezoelectric characteristics such as d33/d31, g33/g31, kt/kp, k33/kp.

Piezoceramic rods concentration change allows to adjust the electrical parameters in a wide range (dielectric permittivity, piezomodules d31 and d15, , electromechanical coupling factors kp и k31, the acoustic impedance Za).

The piezo-based composite piezoelectric materials are generally used in piezoelectric transducers ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness measurements, ultrasonic medical diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic level meters and flow measures, in the volume sensitive hydrophones.

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