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JSC “research Institute “Elpa” history begins in 1965 when the exclusive workshop for the unique piezo ceramic materials and elements production was founded in the conserved boiler building near settlement Krukovo.

Piezo ceramic materials and elements were extremely needed for hydro acoustic purposes. The same year according to Electronic Techniques State Committee's prescription special factory "Piezoelement" with research-and-development department basing on this workshop was established.

История Элпы История Элпы

Meanwhile production scales aroused, new directions of piezo technique appeared and rapidly evolved. It led to new industry branch origination, that's the way piezo electronics appeared.

During these years the company team successfully passed the way full of creative work and inventions in the national piezo technique prior directions field. Nowadays due to the highest efficiency and productivity JSC “research Institute “Elpa” is still one of the leading developers and suppliers in very specific and resourceful branches. It produces piezo technique and acousto electronics goods for radio electronic equipment used in different fields including aeronautic, cosmic, automotive, nuclear, defense and other strategic navy and civil areas.

История Элпы История элпы

During the whole existence time the company uses the most innovative science ideas, latest technologies and leading industry's specialists achievements.

JSC “research Institute “Elpa” is one of a few industrial companies, that was stable and robust in providing national defense orders even during the financial crisis periods and nowadays it continue to increase manufacturing capacities and explores innovative high-technology products production. Research institute develops and produces high-tech electro acoustic devices, strongly required for internal market.

The main company achievement is saving the creative and highly professional personnel team, possessing the unique technologies. Company constantly evolves: new exclusive technologies development and integration continues, it allows constructing and producing modern devices having the highest characteristics often surpassing the foreign analogs.


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