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  • Optico-mecanical devices having a stabilization system;
  • Automatic adjustment and alignment systems for lasers and optical devices, including interferometers;
  • Drivers for adaptive optics systems and optical phase modulators;
  • Adjusting optical fibers information receiving and transmission systems.
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Multilayer piezoelectric microactuator MPMA-2 has a feedback for micro - and nanopositioning systems with 0.1 %. resolution.

Microactuator feedback provide the resolution and accuracy parameters only in set with petaserve controller like TNA.9396 or equivalent to provide displacement control with precision of <0.1%

Due to the feedback presence MPMA-2 offers the possibility to obtain an error signal according to a control voltage and to adjust it so that the error signal tends to zero.


  • High-precision stand-alone dispensers.
  • Quantum optical management and control system for the laser and optical radiation in space.
  • Precision positioning system with nanometer accuracy.
  • Control systems for adaptive optics high-power laser installations.
  • Automobile engines fuel injection control system.
  • FTIR shutters and modulators for laser systems.
  • Active absorption system and a vibration compensation.
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Piezoelectric actuator MPMA-1/1000 is a miniature piezoelectric drive with a relative elongation value of more than 0.6% and a displacement amplitude of more than 250 μm.


  • Optical-mechanical devices with a stabilization system;
  • Power drives for automotive braking safety systems and suspension;
  • Automatic control systems for headlights and mirrors;
  • In systems of active damping of noise and vibration;
  • In machine tool adjustment systems;
  • In the executive mechanisms of robot manipulators;
  • In systems of direct control of the flaps of the main rotor blades of the helicopter.
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For the first time in Russia, the production of multilayer actuators was developed and implemented with the use of relatively cheap electrode materials (platinum-palladium) relatively cheap (palladium-silver).

To realize the technology of producing multilayer (layer thickness ~ 25 μm) actuators with electrodes (palladium-silver) JSC Elpa & quot; A special piezoceramic material, CTS-46 with a low sintering temperature, was developed.


  • Optical-mechanical devices with a stabilization system;
  • Autosteering and tuning systems for lasers, optical devices, including interferometers;
  • Drives for adaptive optical systems and optical phase modulators;
  • Alignment of fiber-optic transmission and reception systems.
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Multilayer piezoelectric transducers are structurally made in the form of multilayered blocks assembled with adhesive bonding from multilayer piezoceramic elements. Designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, such as movement or force, using a piezoelectric longitudinal effect. Multilayer piezoelectric transducers are made on the basis of a unique element-structural technology using the developed JSC "Research Institute" Elpa " special piezoceramic material (CTC-46), which has high electrostriction characteristics of low sintering temperature.


  • Large displacements up to 10 μm / cm at low voltage values (100 V);
  • A large developed force per unit area of the working surface is 3500 N/cm2;
  • Low power consumption. The device is capable of operating at a leakage current level of 100 μA or less;
  • High speed: it is possible to operate at frequencies up to 1/3 of the resonance frequency (several tens of kHz);
  • High resolution of movement (about 1 ÷ 10 nm);
  • Small dimensions: & lt; 0.10 of the sizes of the packaged converters;
  • Absence of electromagnetic noise;
  • High reliability (up to 2 109 pulses);
  • Low cost.


  • Piezoelectric actuators of valves of the pump-injector of injection of fuel;
  • Adjustment of the head of the printer or magnetic head;
  • Systems of vibration damping and noise reduction;
  • Optical-mechanical devices with stabilization systems;
  • Autoline systems and tuning of lasers, optical devices, including interferometers;
  • Drives of adaptive optical systems and optical phase modulators;
  • Alignment and adjustment of fiber-optic transmission and reception systems;
  • Linear piezoelectric motors;
  • Piezoelectric pumps.
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Piezo-package actuators are manufactured by assembling monolithic multilayer elements with alternating ceramic and electrode layers into a package, the axis of the package being the axis of linear displacement. When the voltage is applied, the thickness of the layer increases and, accordingly, the total length of the package increases. Batch actuators are a rigid structure with a large capacity consisting of a large number of piezolayers assembled into a monolithic block by sintering. A small displacement of each layer is summed into a general displacement and one can obtain displacements of the order from microns to tens of microns with an effort from hundreds to thousands of Newtons.


  • ring
  • disk


  • in photo- and X-ray lithography for precise matching of patterns;
  • in medical equipment for accurate instrument feeding;
  • in optomechanical devices for microswitches of the stage (control of gas analyzers-dosimeters);
  • in devices of fiber optics for beam control;
  • in systems of adaptive optics, adaptive telescopes;
  • PP-4, PP-5 are used for automatic adjustment and maintenance of a constant optical parameter of ring-shaped quantum generators;
  • PP-4, PP-5 are used to automatically adjust and maintain a constant optical parameter of ring-shaped quantum generators, P-1 to P-5 are designed for parallel movement of optical elements in optical quantum generators;
  • PP-11 ÷ PP-14 are used in piezo drives of linear displacement.
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Actuators plate-like bending type (bimorph), are a two-layer element, one of whose layers is lengthened, and the other is compressed, in this case there is a bend. Piezo-bimorphs represent a class of electromechanical transducers that ensure the conversion of electrical voltage into mechanical motion and vice versa. The magnitude of the bending motion of such actuators is much larger than the planar motion, therefore, in comparison with packet actuators, the piezoelectric bending (bimorph) elements have a larger stroke with a correspondingly less developed force and a lower resonant frequency.


  • Scanning systems in laser technology;
  • Devices for micro-displacements of needles in weaving and in reading devices for the blind for the Braille system;
  • Medical sensors;
  • Fans for local cooling of electronic circuit nodes;
  • Switching devices - sensor switches - devices for closing / opening the electrical contact.
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Actuators reinforced longitudinal type are a design of a set of piezo packages reinforced with a stud or body spring with a force of 250 ± 30 kgf. This design provides precise positioning accuracy. An important property is the possibility of moving both under compression and stretching of the actuator.


High-quality reliable piezo-actuators are designed for micro-displacements, vibration control, creating great efforts, used:

  • in the automation of precise dosing of liquids and gases, spills;
  • in precision metal-cutting machines;
  • in photo- and X-ray lithography for precise matching of patterns;
  • in medical equipment (for example, for accurate instrument delivery during the surgery and eye operations);
  • in elementary particle accelerators for aligning magnetic sections that define particle motion;
  • in optical and electron microscopy for microswitches of the stage (control of gas analyzers-dosimeters);
  • in laser technology, adaptive optics systems;
  • in fuel injection systems for internal combustion engines, diesel engines.
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The design of the cylindrical actuator consists of one or several piezotubes reinforced with a tie rod with a force of 5 kgf.


  • in photo- and X-ray lithography for precise matching of patterns;
  • in medical equipment (for example, for accurate instrument delivery in microsurgical and eye operations);
  • in optical and electron microscopy for microswitches of the stage.

Actuators have a high speed, low-inertia, low power consumption.

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